CheckMate helps you make informed decisions about who you do business with. Search our comprehensive database to quickly find out the credit risk position of any New Zealand company.

Our reports are often used to
check the credit risk of:

Builders & construction companies

New suppliers or

Fit-out &
renovation firms

New business

& trades

New commercial

Our credit reports cover:

Overall Credit

The key feature is a highly accurate Credit Score (Scorecard) using a number of algorithms and credit rating variables to create a credible, and reliable, Score on which to make your assessment. You will also see a percentage prediction on the likelihood of a negative outcome.


The detailed information in CheckMate reports covers information about Vendor Defaults, Judgments, CreditWorks Enquiries, Public & Debtor Notices, and vendor payment data. The report also uses data relating to Directors Personal Credit Score.

Highly predictive
risk assessment

A Company’s Scorecard is a highly predicative assessment of credit risk. It’s based on a numeric scale from 0 to 1,000. The lower the Scorecard value, the greater the likelihood of the company having a financial failure in the future.

16 different

A company’s predicted ‘Negative Outcome Rating’ is expressed as a % chance of default, receivership, or liquidation in the next 18 months. To determine a company’s rating we consider many variables including Companies Office status, payment behaviour, industry type risk, and more.


The report also contains information on the number of CreditWorks subscribers giving credit to the customer, the length of time it is taking the customer to pay their debts on average, any defaults or judgments, and what industries the customers debt exposure is in.

Office data

The report will cover the latest Company Office information, (directors, shareholders, and director affiliations to any other companies they may have been involved with) as well as all PPSR registrations on the company.

One-off 'casual enquiry' credit report



Get a report in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is search for the company, enter your details and make the payment with a debit or credit card.


The overall Credit Scorecard and predictive credit risk assessment make it simple to understand the credit position of a company.


We use an array of complex algorithms and credit rating variables to create a credible, and reliable report for you.

International Credit Reports

Are you sending goods overseas, or buying from an overseas company. How much do you know about the company you are dealing with?

Before you send off your goods or make a payment to an overseas company, purchase and download an international credit report. CheckMate, in association with our partners Creditsafe and CreditorWatch, now offer comprehensive international company credit reports. As with our New Zealand credit reports, anyone can search our database and download a report for review.

A CheckMate international report will allow you to understand the company’s financial health better, ultimately helping you to make informed decisions about who you do business with and to mitigate risk.

Australian Company Credit Report


International Company Online Credit Report


A small cost for peace of mind

There are so many situations where doing a credit check could pay off in the long run.

CheckMate can be used by anyone wanting to better manage their risk when dealing with NZ companies. Whether you’re a supplier that wants to check the credit history of a purchaser or a customer looking to assess the financial stability of a company you are making a deposit with, CheckMate provides you with the credit data needed to make informed decisions.

What's in the report?


A CheckMate Report is an easy to read and highly informative PDF document, designed to assist you in making an informed decision on whether you should extend credit/services or be involved with a company based on the report.


The report features a highly accurate overall Credit Scorecard as well as giving you a percentage predication on the likelihood of that company having a positive or negative outcome in the future.


Our comprehensive reports feature detailed information from across several valuable data sources, including: Company Notifications, PPSR Financing Statements, Defaults, Judgments and more.


Need more than just a one-off report?

If you are going to be a regular user of Credit Reports, then you might benefit the most from our industry-leading CRISworks System (Credit Referencing Industry Solution).

Want to keep an eye on someone?

If you want to stay up to date with a company’s ongoing credit risk position then sign up to our monitoring service when you purchase a report. We’ll send you an email notification anytime a change happens.

The monitored changes include NZ Companies Office updates (change of status, name, or directors), any Judgments, defaults, or debtor notifications lodged on the CreditWorks system and any Public Notices on the customer.

Ongoing monitoring


Per 12 months

Considering a second-hand purchase
for either business or personal use?

Then it might pay to do a PPSR search

Search the PPSR?
Check for any charges against a specific asset such as vehicles, equipment or machinery, or see who else is supplying goods or lending finance to a company or individual, with a search on the Personal Property Securities Register.

What is the PPSR?
The PPSR is effectively an online noticeboard where you can register a legal claim to personal property, and check if there is any debt or obligation attached to goods you may wish to buy.

PPSR Search


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